Hierarchical Data Light Library  v.4.0

Hierarchical Data Light Library for Silverlight™ 4/WPF 4 contains hierarchical data related Windows® client components, such as tree-grid controls, with increased runtime performance, standard appearance and behavior customizable settings, etc.

TreeGX Hierarchical Data Presentation  v.

TreeGX is a Windows Forms (WinForms) component for VS.NET that reveals the big-picture in your hierarchical data using cascading connections between topics, sub-topics and highlighting the path to selected topic.


Hierarchical DataGridView  v.1 7

Hierarchical DataGridView is adaptable and efficient view of smaller amount of hierarchically organized data, View of hierarchy without additional time spent on developing and filling in respective data structures.

Hierarchical Data Library  v.3.0

Hierarchical data related WPF components as the TreeListView control.

Hierarchical Data Library 2.0  v.2.0

Hierarchical data related Windows Forms components as the DataTreeGridView

Hierarchical Data Control Library  v.2.0

DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Control Library allows you to create Windows client applications running on Microsoft .NET 2.0/3.0 platform that would display and update hierarchical data using a tree-grid, based on indent levels.

Generic Hierarchical Database Engine  v.0.1

Engine for creating web-based hierarchical database systems.

Hierarchical Decomposition of Semigroups  v.4.5

A computer algebra package for hierarchical compositions and decompositions of permutation groups and transformation semigroups, with special emphasis on the explicit representation of the connection network, implemented in GAP www.

PyTables - Hierarchical datasets  v.2.3.1

The goal of PyTables is to enable the end user to efficiently and easily manipulate large datasets (both homogenous, i.

Likno Drop Down Menus Trees

Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees: Powerful cross-browser, platform-independent hierarchical navigation control for your web pages built using Javascript and DHTML technologies. Does not require any plug-ins or extensions to work on your clients' browsers.

Todomoo  v.0.8.4034

Todomoo is a todo manager specially designed to help you manage paid projects without advanced scheduling. It organizes projects in hierarchical tasks, in different categories. It stores payment details, timers and multiple notes for each task.

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